Thunder relocate

It has been confirmed that League One side Gateshead Thunder will relocate and become known as Newcastle Thunder for the upcoming 2015 Rugby League season.

The relocation will now see Newcastle Thunder play their home games at Kingston Park.

This decision has been pushed by chairman Semor Kurdi who took over the Rugby League side in May last year. He owns Newcastle Rugby limited as well as being Newcastle Falcons chairman.

Rugby League will now return to the city of Newcastle for the first time since 1938. Also with the addition of the Magic Weekend at St James Park Rugby League is looking to breakthrough in the Northern city.

Managing director Keith Christie said: “It was a common sense step.”

The side have appeared in Super League as recently as 1999 and will be hoping this location and name change could be start a push back to better times.

Christie added: “We’re keen to make sure we don’t forget our birthplace in Gateshead, but we have to ensure we move forward and unfortunately that means changing the name. We always want fans to come and it’s a business decision we’ve taken to move here.”

Newcastle will open their league season on Friday 3rd April at home against Barrow Raiders.


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